Tim and the Tin Titan


Indiscretions can be quite funny at times, especially in the naratives:

Natalia: *calls Mo*
Mo: *doesn't pick up*
Natalia: *calls Khaled*
Mo: *screaming in the background* "Your girlfriend calld me first! Ahahahahahaha!"
Khaled: *threatens Natalia with rough sex/ritualistic beating/being sold to his friends for a camel, or just a pack of Camels*

Natalia, Anna, Mo, Khaled and Sarah: *congregate at Benetton and wait around while Natalia obnoxiously tries on clothes*
Natalia: "Does this sweater match my complexion? Suit my style? Make me look relaxed, yet classy? Sporty, yet sensual?"
Khaled: "Uh. Well. It makes your boobs stick out."
Benetton Register *ka-ching*