Tim and the Tin Titan


And in the eighth position
The 10 most overpaid jobs in the U.S.

Next year, West Coast dockworkers will earn an average of $112,000 for handling cargo, according to the Pacific Maritime Association, their employer. Office clerks who log shipping records into computers will earn $136,000. And unionized foremen who oversee the rank-and-file will pull down an average $177,000.

WHAT? 100K$US plus year to unload boats? This is why I dislike union. And these guys had the nerve to go on strike last year.

In early 2002, West Coast ports shut down as the longshoremen's union fought to preserve generous health-care benefits that would make most Americans drool. The union didn't demand much in wage hikes for good reason: Its members already were making a boatload of money.