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Another Review Of Something That Does Not Exist

There are a thousand and one people on the Global Frequency.

A worldwide independent defense intelligence organization with a thousand and one agents, all over the world. Anyone you know might be with them. It's the world's little open secret.

Global Frequency is series of graphic novels, I have read some and it's pretty good stuff with a very interesting premise. Recently, someone made a pilot TV show out of it for Warner Brothers. WB passed on it. And reminiscent of the Fiona Apple album, it was leaked to the internet and is now all over in BitTorrent.

People are talking about it on Metafilter and Wired, just to name a few. Most agree that it's a great show, a mix of the X-files with Alias, but is not in the identical, safe formula as most of the crap on TV these days. Warner Brothers, instead of seeing this as a loyal fan base that could spread the word for a new show, is seeking to prosecute and punish those who distribute it. They just don't get it...

Get your hands on it if you can, worth the download.

Raz doing his thing

A funny quote:
Also, asside from the monkey fucking, am I missing something?
posted by delmoi on Metafilter in reference from this picture.

Notice that this is a .mil site, an official gallery of the United States Army 3rd Battalion, 319th Airborne Field Artillery Regiment, Charlie Battery, Afghan Theatre.


Yeah, Another One
Another quote. What can I say, most of the good stuff i read these days are comments from select sites:
The different services have varying approaches to securing things.

If the Marines are ordered to secure a building, they blow in the doors, go room to room and kill everybody inside.

If the Army is ordered to secure a building, they build a wall of sandbags around it and hunker down to wait.

If the Air Force is ordered to secure a building, they call up their real estate broker and get a 99-year lease on it.
from warbaby on Metafilter


Today seems to be particularly ripe for funny quotes:
My friends and I always spend long car trips either debating things like five-hundred-dachsunds-vs-a-tiger or trying to outdo each other with heinous choices ("would you rather have to take all of your nourishment for a month by suckling from a miraculously-lactating Andy Rooney, or appear as the anonymous third star in a 3-hour pornographic epic starring Whoopi Goldberg and Randy Quaid?").
From Ask.Metafilter.com

Anything goes in the world of Ipods. I carried my Ipod around in the stomach of a comatose possum for a week and I was the coolest kid on campus.
From Gizmodo


Quote of the day
Timoneira: hey sorry there was a phone call...
Tin Titan: no problem
Timoneira: then i got distracted and took a shower :)