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Reviewing Something That Does Not Exist
Fiona Apple's "latest" album was leaked on the internet a while ago and it's good. You can get your copy from Bleeding Is Believing (click on the album art to download a .zip of the whole thing). I was surprized to see it in the NTY. They gave it a good review but it's this quote that was of particular interest:

The New York Times > Bootleg Review: The Lost Apple :

Had it been released, "Extraordinary Machine" would have been a fine counterbalance to a pop moment full of monolithic, self-righteous sincerity. As it stands, mysteriously leaked and proliferating, the album is an object lesson in how an Internet that's not controlled by copyright holders can set artistic expression free.
Use BugMeNot.com to get a login for the NYT site.

This reminded me of when Entertainment Weekly named the Grey Album Best Album of 2004.