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Good Laughs
This humor might not be for everyone, but it definetly for me.

The Olde English Sketch Comedy group makes me think of what the Kids in The Halls would have been like had they had access to cheap DV and the internet.

I particularly recommend Bathroom, Gym Class, Pregnancy and the hidden bonus clip (the pi sign all the way at the bottom right).

Even their publicity posters are worth a look and a laught.

DIY WiFi Parabolic
USB WiFi adaptor + Chinese parabolic cookware + Simple hand tools = > 15dB gain Dish

Running Tally
Talk about making someone feel inadequate: People I've Slept With.

I would have to put down far more zeros in those categories than I'd like to admit to...

Darko, the director's cut
I heard that Donnie Darko was going to get a director's cut and theatrical release. I enjoyed the movie and I could see why it was becoming a cult hit.

If you have watched the movie and want more information, StainlessSteelRat.net has a good Donnie Darko FAQ. I also recommend trying to find your way around the official site, not easy but rather interesting.

Reading about Donnie Darko made me want to listen to Mad world by Gary Jules. This haunting song is played during the finale of the film. So I just slapped into mp3 player and set off for the subway. And as I'm pushing through the crowds, I can hear the words:

All around me are
Familiar faces
Worn out places
Worn out faces

Bright and early
For the daily races
Going nowhere
Going nowhere

Talk about making your existence feel like an exercise in futility. A great song, as is most of the Darko sountrack. Unfortunately, only the score has be released as an album.

"You are in for a treat"
Eric Schwartz, Singer - Songwriter - Entertainer, presents: Keep Your Jesus Off My Penis: The Music Video

Now this is an office space
At my previous job, I though we had some of the best office space around. And while I think that is still true, the Bionic Office is in a category of it's own.

Some of the features include a closed office with window for every developper, 20(!!!) power oulets per workstation and an 8 port hub per workstation.


Cute Game
A nice little archery game where you have to know your angles and your velocity: Bowman

Express Design
9 designer were given 90 days to design a "chair or seat" that can fit in a FedEx box.

The results are very intersting to watch: UN_FOLD > Ninety Days

Armoured Kangaroos
Apparently, the Canadian army invented the APC (Armoured Personnel Carrier). In WWII, they were the first to convert light tanks by removing the turret and using them to ferry troops to the front lines. Here is their story: 1st Canadian Armoured Carrier Regiment Association They are the only Canadian fighting regiment ever constituted, blooded and disbanded outside Canada's borders, 1CACR also holds the dubious distinction of being a regiment without a home.

Another fighting inovation of Canadians in Worl War II was "mouse-holing":
The deadly reality of Ortona was that the German defenders had the advantage as they could shower grenades on the Canadians from the floors above. Following the British method meant returning to the street to gain access to the next building. Ortona was a typical European town with each building attached to the next. The Canadians quickly modified this method. They entered the first building at street level if necessary. Once they secured that building, they used a Beehive shaped charge to punch a hole in the wall from an upper story, ideally the top one, creating access to the adjacent building. This became known as "mouse-holing". The Canadian soldiers could then enter the next building and lob grenades at the Germans below them as they fought their way down to street level. They attempted to take both sides of the street simultaneously until the entire block would be in Canadian hands, all without exposure to the enemy fire raking the streets.


Funny Fashion
I think that there is a contest going on between fashion stylist in the hip hop world. Like a private game of double dare, they challenge each other to start the most improbable and outlandish fashion trends. It probably goes something like this:

Stylist 1:"I bet you can't get your gangster rapper client to wear women's panty hose on his head"

[a couple of months pass]

Stylist 2:"Done, now I challenge you to get your clients tease their hair so much it looks like they French kissed a light socket."


Stylist 1:"That was easy, you now have to convince you clients that they need to wear all their clothes 6 sizes too big and show at least 8 inches of underwear."


Stylist 2:"Done, Now let's see if you can make the band-aid a facial accessory"


Stylist 1:"Did it, let's see if you get make pink women's sneakers the next hot thing for male rappers."


Stylist 2:"Done"

And so on. Who knows what they will think of next. And before you think I am picking on hip hop (well I am, but...), I think the same was going with hair rock bands in the 80's.
Can anyone say leotard and eyeliner?


I just got a call from a lady. She said she was a Italian professor in pension and was looking to speak to someone at the CRC about getting a TV channel from Rome authorized for broadcast here. She wanted to see a show her relative told her was very good. I was pretty sure she meant the CRTC. Now, I don't work for the CRTC or anything even remotely related (I don't even know how she got my phone number) but while I had her on the line I pulled up the CRTC website and game her the contact number for her city. This simple act made her ecstatic. She said, and I quote:

"I bless you and all your family, very helpful,
I give you ten on ten for humanity and intelligence"

Made me smile for an hour afterwards.

Wireless Movie Schedules
If you want the movie schedules from CinemaClock.com for most major cities in Canada on your WAP/WML enabled device, here is the address: http://wap.cinemaclock.com/rogers/que-Montreal-e-menu.wml. You can substitute the three letter province code et Montreal with any city/province that is listed here. You can also substitute the "e" for an "f" to get the French version.


Bleep Bloop
Ever wanted to know what the difference between Detroit Techno and Deep House? Or just what Darkstep sounds like? Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music is your answer. It starts with the 7 basic styles of electronic music (House, Trance, Techno, Breakbeat, Jungle, Hardcore and Downtempo) and breaks each one down historically and by gendre in a tree structure with samples for each style so you can actually listen to the differences, all in a Flash interface.

The tone is also very tongue in cheek. He doesn't take it very seriously and the comments are sometimes very funny:

Definition of Noizecore:
"Noizecore, aka: noize, drop a cat on the equipment"

In the description of HappyHardcore:
"Some of the stuff feels so godawfully childish that I feel like a pedophile just for listening to it"

In the description of Goth:
"Goths are not happy people. In fact, next to emo kids they are just about the most self-centered, whinny bunch of neo-narcissists on the face of the earth (if you're wondering what the difference is: classic narcissists go around telling everybody how awesome they are, while neo-narcissists go around telling everybody how awful they are)."

But be warned that this still does not allow me to tell the difference between most of House, Trance and Techno. A very interesting and entertaining read non the less.