Tim and the Tin Titan


Funny Fashion
I think that there is a contest going on between fashion stylist in the hip hop world. Like a private game of double dare, they challenge each other to start the most improbable and outlandish fashion trends. It probably goes something like this:

Stylist 1:"I bet you can't get your gangster rapper client to wear women's panty hose on his head"

[a couple of months pass]

Stylist 2:"Done, now I challenge you to get your clients tease their hair so much it looks like they French kissed a light socket."


Stylist 1:"That was easy, you now have to convince you clients that they need to wear all their clothes 6 sizes too big and show at least 8 inches of underwear."


Stylist 2:"Done, Now let's see if you can make the band-aid a facial accessory"


Stylist 1:"Did it, let's see if you get make pink women's sneakers the next hot thing for male rappers."


Stylist 2:"Done"

And so on. Who knows what they will think of next. And before you think I am picking on hip hop (well I am, but...), I think the same was going with hair rock bands in the 80's.
Can anyone say leotard and eyeliner?