Tim and the Tin Titan


Great Writing
A great story by Jerry Mahoney over at The Morning News: My Brush with Terrorism:

"After all, legend has it first class on this airline is the transportation equivalent of getting a blowjob while smoking crack. (Neither of which, any in-flight brochure will tell you, is acceptable while on board.)"
"If I?ve learned one thing from the post-Sept. 11 travel hysteria and the Patriot Act and the due-process-free Guantanamo Bay detentions, it?s that when airport security tells you to do something, it immediately becomes your top priority, outranking flying to New Orleans, exhaling, or cell mitosis."
" I imagined my bag being ?detonated? on the runway, as a safety precaution of course, and my beloved blue hooded sweatshirt becoming just a distant memory. But it turned out my bag simply had not made it aboard my plane, that it would be arriving on the next flight, that it wasn?t reduced to a thin layer of soot in a blue-hooded, nitroglycerine-free pile of soot."

Great stuff, I love this kind of writting.