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Ever wanted to know what the difference between Detroit Techno and Deep House? Or just what Darkstep sounds like? Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music is your answer. It starts with the 7 basic styles of electronic music (House, Trance, Techno, Breakbeat, Jungle, Hardcore and Downtempo) and breaks each one down historically and by gendre in a tree structure with samples for each style so you can actually listen to the differences, all in a Flash interface.

The tone is also very tongue in cheek. He doesn't take it very seriously and the comments are sometimes very funny:

Definition of Noizecore:
"Noizecore, aka: noize, drop a cat on the equipment"

In the description of HappyHardcore:
"Some of the stuff feels so godawfully childish that I feel like a pedophile just for listening to it"

In the description of Goth:
"Goths are not happy people. In fact, next to emo kids they are just about the most self-centered, whinny bunch of neo-narcissists on the face of the earth (if you're wondering what the difference is: classic narcissists go around telling everybody how awesome they are, while neo-narcissists go around telling everybody how awful they are)."

But be warned that this still does not allow me to tell the difference between most of House, Trance and Techno. A very interesting and entertaining read non the less.