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Japanese Vampire Girls

On a door on my way to the metro

When you let exchange students write the daily specials

Anyone who knows me will now that this had to be pretty bad for me to notice the errors.

Giant BSOD

On my way to work. This is a big circular projection advertisement with 6 PCs and projectors. This morning, a different PC had BSODed...


The stove works! Probably made the holes at the bottom of the inner wall a bit too small bit it seems to function well non the less. May try with less burner holes, maybe 24 instead of 32. Was able to boil a cup of water with about .75 ounces of fuel.


Lightweight Fire
Last year, during a week long hike on the Long Trail in Vermont, we met a woman who seemed to have several decades of wilderness experience. She was cooking her supper on what looked like two aluminum cans smashed together. After she was done, I asked if I could see it and she explained that it was a home made stove. I was fascinated by the ingenuity that goes into something like that.

When I got home I promptly forgot about it until I came across this great site:
Scott's Pepsi-G Stove Instructions. Using these instruction, I have now cut out the parts and am looking for the epoxy to put it together.

In the process of looking for more information, I came across another site, packed with information: Zen Seeker's Zen Stoves where you can find variations such as the pressurized jet stove and very helpful tips and most helpful of all: templates.

I'll let you know how my tests go.

Untimely Fate
The Gashlycrumb Tinies by Edward Gorey is a macabre and witty alphabet rhyme made from children's demises accompanied by wonderful pen and ink drawings. Not for everyone, but definetly worth a look.


Geekdom Concentrated
Once More with Hobbits: A Lord of the Rings and Buffy the Vampire Slayer Musical Adventure is a remake of Once More With Feeling, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical but with lyrics pertaining to Lord of the Rings.

The two songs available for download are pretty good, but you have to be an initiate of both of these aspects of geekdom to get it. I, sadly, know the words to all the songs in Once More With Feeling as does my wife. It has become part of the unofficial soundtrack of our road trips. I know, it's sad...

On demand Songs
Songs To Wear Pants To is a nice whacky site. You email Andrew, tell him what kind of song and about what you want it to be and if he picks your email, he will make a short song (between 7 and 71 seconds) and post it on the STWPT site. The stranger the suggestion the better, it seems. And the result are very good. It's just original, self-concious, funny music.

Some of my favorites are Rename Your Rabbit, Sarah Anderson and honorificabilitudinitatibus. These are, among others, for some fine example of sureality. There are many to pick from as Andrew is very prolific: 23 songs in the 7 days since his site has been up and it doesn't look like he will run out of ideas any time soon.

And if 71 seconds just isn't enough for you, Andrew also holds auctions where you can bid on a full-length custom song.


Music Done Right
Seems like I'm on a musical swing today...
Audio Lunchbox is a online store that sells DRM-free downloads. They have a pretty good selection of labels, the biggest being Epitaph.

With every purchase you get not only the mp3 version of the media (192kps VBR) but also the Ogg Vorbis (quality 6) and any art the artist decided to included (album covers, liner notes).

Also, once you start your download, you have 24 hours to redownload any file again. So you can listen to a file and see if there is a problem with it and get it again. This is a feature a lot of people with corrupted iTunes downloads would want.

Fonts, part 2
Continuing on my previous post about font identification comes Identifont. This one has the particularity that it will ask you questions about the font to identify it, such as "Does the 'Q' tail cross the circle?" and "Do the characters have serifs?". So you don't actually need to have a digital copy of the font to use it.

A Tricky Situation
I read this article on Metafilter: Criminalized self exploitation "15 year old girl has been charged with several counts related to 'child pornography' for sending out pictures of herself to several people she chatted with."

From the article linked, the actual charges are: sexual abuse of children, possession of child pornography and dissemination of child pornography.

I do not know what to make of it. My first reaction is to say that it is her body and she can do what she wants with it and as one comment states, "This is like arresting two teenagers for fooling around".

But then I found out that she sometimes traded the pictures for gifts or money. This seems a bit too close to prostitution for comfort, underage prostitution at that. I do not think it is right but I do not think it would necesseraly be illegal.

On the legal front, I have trouble with someone being charged with possession of pictures of themselves. Also, how can something you do to yourself be criminal abuse? By that logic, anyone who gets a piercing or branding should be brought up on assault charges.

An interesting and complex issue.

What To Do Today

Come to this blog, every single day, and you will be told what to do.

Sunday, March 28, 2004
"When you wake up with your face in your pillow, say 'Fuck you pillow.' Slip your legs out onto the floor and tell each floor board to 'Go fuck yourself fuckin floorboard' until you get into the bathroom to give your toilet the finger. Before you sit down and take a shit, give your medicine cabinet an up-yours arm-slap. Take a shit, but before you flush, lean down close to the bowl and whisper to your log of shit that it is a miserable wad of uselessness and that it is poor. Flush the toilet, waving goodbye to your shit as if you were taunting a man about to be hanged. Then go beat the shit out of your coffeemaker.

Happy Back To The Basics Day!"

I love it :)

A Mouth for Music
Speaking of new things in music:
Harmonica (old and busted) + Beatboxing (new hotness) = this great video
[shockwave, via torrez.org]

How Real of a Loss?
In A Heretical View of File Sharing, a NewYork Times article, an interesting question is asked: What if file sharing is not hurting record sales?

"Downloads have an effect on sales which is statistically indistinguishable from zero, despite rather precise estimates," write the authorsor a study on the subject, Felix Oberholzer-Gee of the Harvard Business School and Koleman S. Strumpf of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

They also make the point that the RIAA treats every downloaded song as lost revenue. That is just simply not true. They use the example of a free trip to make their point: if someone offers you a free trip to Florida, you are very likely to go, if you have to pay for it, the odds go way down. It's the same for music.

By the RIAA's logic, the 14 year old with 1000 downloaded mp3s on his computer would have spent 2000$ buying all this music had it not been available free. I highly doubt that. Instead, he would have had saved up his paper route money to buy a 20$ cd with only one or two good songs on it.

We all know discovering new artists and musical styles is evil, Go RIAA!

Mail Test
Having had to do this recently, here is a good article on how to test for SMTP connectivity (which also allows you to test for open relays and send email from telnet)
Tech-Recipes - Send mail via telnet / test for open relay

But this is only covers SMTP connectivity.

To test IMAP, follow these instructions:
- telnet 143, the server should answer: * OK Server Ready
- 1 login , the server should answer: 1 OK LOGIN completed
- 1 list "*" "*", the server should answer with the list of directories for the account and terminate with: 1 OK LIST completed
- 1 logout, the server should answer with : * BYE Server Disconnect and 1 OK LOGOUT completed

What To Rent
100 Movies That Deserve More Love is a great review of recent movies that did not get their just desert.
They give praise to one of my favorite movies, The Iron Giant.

Their suggestions also make me want to see movies I haven't gotten aroung to yet, like Rounders and Ronin. It will probably be my "What-to-rent-when-I-dont-feel-like-anthing" list for quite some time.

Big Chill
In a series of bizarre coincidences, I have been finding myself reading two sites about people living and working in Antarctica...
Big Dead Place is a collective site with stories and articles from many different contributors. There is lots of content on the surreal life people there lead. Be sure to check out the stories and lists section.

Another more whacky site is Sandwichgirl.com. She set pins in the bowling alley, poses in her swimsuit all around the pole and basically in up to crazy things. Check out her many pictures



Best of Craig
I really like the Best of Craigslist. You can get some real gems like this one:
_ _ _ _The illustrated guide to me

Online Baby
The Trixie Update is a baby website. But this one is different from all the others I have seen. The style and humor of the author is one reason but the "Trixie Telemetry" is an awesome feature. Basically a little chart that lets you know Trixie's sleeping, eating and ,hum, excreting (?) patterns. A nice bit of coding. They will soon release it as a service as well as the code.

Free Security
Freebyte's Guide to Free anti-virus software is a list of free (as in beer) anti-virus, email and firewall protection software. Money is no longer an excuse to have an unsecured computer.