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The Rise Of Taliban America?
It was reading about the The Constitution Restoration Act from ZNet . Full text here. This is some scary stuff, it basically wants to ensure that divine right will have precedence over any legal, democratic process.

One example given is that, were this bill is passed, a god-fearing public servant could mandate chrisitan prayers in his department and no one would have any legal recourse to fight it because he is "acknowledg[ing] God as the sovereign source of law, liberty, or government".

They also want all previous laws and supreme court decisions pertaining to this subject matter rendered non-binding at the state level, basically annulling them.

It also has provisions for removing judges who would dare to hear such future cases.

I am just a baffled as the author about the complete lack of coverage for this in the mainstream media. Words needs to get out about this. The most scary thing is that it actually has a chance of passing in the House and Senate.

As the article headlines:
Say Hello To Taliban America