Tim and the Tin Titan


Subway Scoop
I went to get my usual Subway fix for lunch. I hand over a card full of stamps to the manger/owner. I know him well enough and we often make small talk. As he take it, he says to me:

"If you have any more of these, better use them before the end of the month"

Apparently, there are so many fake, counterfeit or stolen stamps being sold on the internet that it is causing enough losses that they will be phasing out the program. I am actually not too surprised if a bit disappointed. Subways says that they are the second largest restaurant chain after McDonald's. If that is so, then it is not surprising that someone would find a way to profit from a reward program with so few security measures in place. It was quaint and had a nice local feel to it. You were not logging onto the website to check your points or swiping a card to get skymiles. They just handed you a coloured stamp you licked to put on a card. It reminded me of something your neighborhood ice cream parlour or pizza joint would do.

I am curious to see what actually happens. Maybe they will replace the system with cards, like Timonera suggested.