Tim and the Tin Titan


Other People's Opinions
I like getting personal recommendations from actual people. It just makes it much better than a journalists review. In that vein, I have come across a couple of general purpose sites that offer up personal recommendations:

Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools and SilverOrange's Stuff. Both are full of different type of recommendations from head shavers to boots to wireless cards.

Another Favorite of mine is MTBR.com (Mountain Bike Review). This one allows any registered user to review any bike, part or accessory in the site's DB. Some of the ratings have to be taken with a grain of salt but when you read 20 reviews of people having the same problem, you can easily spot trends. I try to always check the info here before buying parts.

In the same vein, dante and I have started ToolWerks. It is meant primarily to be a technical bookmark collection, a way of organizing and categorizing our favorite bits of information. Not much there yet but it will come soon.