Tim and the Tin Titan


So boring it's special
I like boring shoes. By this I don't mean bland shoes, I just mean shoes that don't make me look like a clown. I usually wear the same pair of shoes to work everyday and sometimes on the weekend when hiking shoes are a little bit too "dress down". I even wear these shoes in winter. This would be surprising with the winters we get here but it seems silly to don huge boots for the 17 meters/43 seconds I am outside between my house and car and the car and the metro station. Of course, this means my shoes are destroyed in under a year.

Well, last weekend I bought this year's shoes. They cost me, with tax, 207$. No, they do not have a built-in phone nor do they have motorized stair assist. They are just the only pair of shoes I could find that do not make me look like I am going bowling or boxing. The fashion seems to be that if it's not a dress shoe then you have to look as if you are a cast member of the Big Lebowski or Raging Bull. Goddamn...

My demands were rather simple:
- mat black leather
- seams on the inside
- rounded toe

I could almost hear the salesman say "Oh, well that'll be a special order then!" I feel like Denis Leary bitching about fancy coffees or microbrews... Take a look a the current fashions in a store near you and wonder how long it will take before this trend will be in the discount bins.

And are shoes the shoes worth it, you ask? That's the worst part: they're fucking great...