Tim and the Tin Titan


Who needs an X-Box?
Online flash games seem to have made quantum leaps in the last year or so. Here are a couple that I find impressive:

IGPX is a mech style, turn based strategy game. You can either play the fast and light Team Suzaku or the slow and tough Sledge-Mamma in 5 different scenarios on the same map. You have 7-8 different attacks, from sub-machine gun to katana. It is tough to beat the computer, especially with the Suzaku team, you really have to use hit-and-run tactics.

DragRacer v2 is, as the name implies, a racing game. This is Fast and Furious for your browser. You race, you win money, you buy upgrades, you try to beat tougher opponents in the story mode. One odd point is that you don't loose any money or your car when you loose a race so you can try as often as you like. It takes a while to get used to the timing of the shift but once you do, try to take on the "story" adversaries. They get real tough around level 25.

Fire Man - Incoming Storm is a Mega-Man style game. Very well made, with the style, music and ennemies of the original, including those damn propeller robots!

NewGrounds.com has tons of goodies including all kinds of games including some very un-PC ones like Disorderly. Explore around.