Tim and the Tin Titan


TDF Madness

Yeah I'm a Tour de France Maniac these days. It's been the usual stuff for the first week but this weekend was great.

First on Saturday we had a great solo effort by Weening of Rabobank on the final brutal climb and an exciting finale which gave us this extraordinary photo-finish between Weening and Kloden.

Then yesterday, we had Rasmussen, also from Rabobank leave the peloton at the 4km mark and ride by himself all the way to the finish line throught a stage that contained many climbs. I guess it's no surprise that Rasmussen is a one-time world mountain bike champion, he's that good on the solo climbs.

Yesterday was also about Armstrong loosing the yellow jersey and 2 and a half minutes on the CG yet the team seems to be saying it was planned. It's shaping up to be a good one.