Tim and the Tin Titan


Observations From The Passport Office
- It opens at 7:30 am, really early for a federal service
- I though I would be smart and and show up just at opening time. I showed up at 7:36, I was 50th in line
- The office is on the eight floor of the building, they make everyone cute down stairs and then make people go up in groups that fit in the elevators after giving them a ticket to make sure they get back in line in the same order after you get off the elevator
- They have two people who make sure your application is complete with all the paperwork needed before they make you go into the waiting room. Once they have checked your application is complete, they give you a numbered ticket.
- The passports are no longer made locally. They are all issued and mailed out of Ottawa to your home, unless you pay extra for the rush version where you can come pick it up in at the office
- Total time from queue up to exit: 50 minutes. Considering the amount of people, I found this system highly efficient. Bravo