Tim and the Tin Titan


Conservative commentary As Comedy
You know, I should really push for CCAC (Conservative commentary As Comedy) to become a standard expression. It would be used anytime a super-far right wing commentator makes a statement so grossly exaggerated or all encompassing that it become funny.

As my first exhibit, I would like to present: More Aircraft Laser Incidents Pinned on Gay Club-Goers
Homosexuals, terrorists, or both? [...] Fans of the pocket searchlights are also quick to draw a distinction between red lasers, typically used by teachers in a classroom lecture setting, and the green lasers used by homosexuals and terrorists.
Green laser are only used by homosexuals and terrorists? Really? Somebody better tell ThinkGeek! I just had to laugh at that generalization. If that were true, imagine the following scene at an airport check-in:
TSA Agent: "Sir, we found this GREEN laser pointer in your bag, is it your?"
Traveler: "Yes it is"
TSAA: "Are you gay sir?"
T: "Hum, no?"
Bah, just so over the top you have to laugh.