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Darko, the director's cut
I heard that Donnie Darko was going to get a director's cut and theatrical release. I enjoyed the movie and I could see why it was becoming a cult hit.

If you have watched the movie and want more information, StainlessSteelRat.net has a good Donnie Darko FAQ. I also recommend trying to find your way around the official site, not easy but rather interesting.

Reading about Donnie Darko made me want to listen to Mad world by Gary Jules. This haunting song is played during the finale of the film. So I just slapped into mp3 player and set off for the subway. And as I'm pushing through the crowds, I can hear the words:

All around me are
Familiar faces
Worn out places
Worn out faces

Bright and early
For the daily races
Going nowhere
Going nowhere

Talk about making your existence feel like an exercise in futility. A great song, as is most of the Darko sountrack. Unfortunately, only the score has be released as an album.