Tim and the Tin Titan


Lightweight Fire
Last year, during a week long hike on the Long Trail in Vermont, we met a woman who seemed to have several decades of wilderness experience. She was cooking her supper on what looked like two aluminum cans smashed together. After she was done, I asked if I could see it and she explained that it was a home made stove. I was fascinated by the ingenuity that goes into something like that.

When I got home I promptly forgot about it until I came across this great site:
Scott's Pepsi-G Stove Instructions. Using these instruction, I have now cut out the parts and am looking for the epoxy to put it together.

In the process of looking for more information, I came across another site, packed with information: Zen Seeker's Zen Stoves where you can find variations such as the pressurized jet stove and very helpful tips and most helpful of all: templates.

I'll let you know how my tests go.