Tim and the Tin Titan


Great Videos
I recently came across two great videos:

YE-YE - Eurostar.mov (.mov, 11.6megs) by Gabriel Malaprade at Bikini Films. I don't know much about this one as both the band and director are unknown to me but it's a great concept, kind of a reverse job swap... Funny too.

Markus Nokolai - Bushes(Norman Cook remix) (.mov, 6.5megs) by Matt Kirkby. Very simple: the song is called "Bushes", he makes a video of women removing their bush, by going Brazilian. No nudity, although the audio may not be safe for work (screaming and swearing). Norman Cook is an AKA for Fatboy Slim. Vice magazine recently had an article about how he is shaking up the UK with him pranks. What he has to say about this video:

As soon as I heard the title "Bushes", I faxed off the concept. We called in the official Guinness nurse and got about 400 girls in to get it done. It was so perfect because Markus Nicolai's original track and Fatboy Slim's remix had that typical house thing going where it builds to a climax, so I designed the video around that. You get all the tension of the girls lying down, and most of them had never been waxed. Then as the track breaks, all hell tears loose.
Both are worth talking a look.