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High School Confidential
I guess I probably had a rather sheltered time in high school and was not very wild at all. But reading this Metafilter thread about someone mapping the relationships in a student body of 1000 at a high school. Take a look at the graph: That is one huge circle. I mean, I always knew that there was the "Popular" crowd and they mostly stayed within themselves but still...

Also here are some interesting bits:
- I can find two same sex couples (male in upper right of the main group, female in the center of the upper middle group).
Timonera sights a third (male in the lower left of the main group, on the circle)
- There seems to be no circles, indicating that switching couple is not done.
- Male with most direct links: 9
- Female with most direct links: 6

Interesting stuff. It also makes you see how things like the 1996 Syphilis outbreak in Rockdale County can happen. PBS did a great documentary on this called The Lost Children of Rockdale County. They even had a graph (done by the CDC, no less), but did it did not distinguish between male and female.