Tim and the Tin Titan


This divorce is brought to you by Kleenex
Well, looks like my parents are getting divorced. My dad has a girlfriend who is younger than my wife, for 3 months now. I haven't talked to him, only to my mom so I don't know everything. My mom's gone back home, to have some time by herself. She stopped at my place this morning to talk to my sister and I before going, roughest Monday morning ever. She is very affected by it, the end of thirty some-odd years.

Yeah, I'm alright. Kinda dazed, even though we knew something was up. I'm more sad for my mom than anything else. And a bit crestfallen at the idea of the end of one version of my family "unit". I don't know what to do for newyears's, was supposed to go to my dad's family on the first. Neither my mom nor my sister are going and I fell like I can't really go either. I might just call up my godparents and just say that I can't be there at that time. I don't want to abandon my father either but even if I am truly neutral I don't think I could stand many aunts asking me where my mom and sister are.

Anyways, I'll be alright. I guess it is hitting me harder than I though it would, especially at my age. I'll be ok. Fuck.