Tim and the Tin Titan


Disposable Tax

I get a bit pissed off at all these new breeds of disposables replacing non-disposable options. There have been disposable razors for a long while but we are now treated to disposable cutting board, disposable toilet brushes and disposable bathtub scrubbers.

I just think it's wrong to introduce yet another item to fill up our landfills while another option exists. I understand that for the companies, it makes financial sense: If the sell you a cutting board, they make 7.99$ once every 5 years. If they sell you a pack of 20 disposable cutting boards, they make 4.99$ every month.

I suggest a "Disposable Tax". If you want to introduce an item on the market that is a disposable alternative to a permanent item and does not offer an advantage other than "you can toss it instead of cleaning it", you should have to pay a "Disposable Tax" or "Landfill Tax".

So if 3M of Johnson&Johnson want to make a disposable toilet seat or whatever, they can. But 10% of their sales have to go to recycling programs or other similar causes. It would make them think twice about it and maybe make the venture not financially viable.

But that is why I could never be in charge, I would piss off too many corporations.

Signs Your Pants May Be Too Low

I concede that MODERATELY low waist pants can be attractive but here is how to tell when they are too low:

When you are sitting on a stool and your pants are so low that I can not only see more than two inches of your ass crack but I can almost completely see the birth control patch you stick on your butt, then they are way too low.

Just a friendly tip.


Taking a walk in a provincial park, we see some signs for areas that are closed for "Restoration". We then spot one area that is close for "Extreme Restoration".

I just had an image of a park warden trying to do his job ridding a flaming skateboard and juggling chainsaws.


Not So Random

I recently loaded my complete mp3 collection in one WinAmp playlist, all 5000+ songs, and set it on random.

Sometimes, I think the random engine has a mind of it's own. For example: after it plays Nirvana's Lithium, the next track is Hole's Celebrity Skin. Or it plays a Fifty Cent song twice in 15 minutes (it's on two mix cds, so twice in the playlist).

I'd like to think there is a little sprite named Gary that is responsible for picking songs for me and that he has his own preferences and biases.

Or, you know, it could just be coincidence.