Tim and the Tin Titan


Let's Not Even Try To be Subtle
While looking for a giant fishing lure gag gift after a cowoker made a comment to the fact that you need a big "lure" to find a good man, I stumbled onto this ebay seller's item page.

If you notice, every single one of his giant lure (and fish mailbox...) auctions are posed with a more or less scantily clad women, some young some not so young. And this guy seems to have the market of novelty giant fishing lure cornered. Just a weird marketing strategy.

Nice Clip
Take a look at this short called Elimination Dance, quirky little alt-retro story about a fantasy dance craze that has deeper implication. Great ambiance with just that touch of surreal.


Now, I was totally consumed by the 90's comic craze: I own multiple copies of comics just because of different covers or promisses of valuable #1's

Take a look at this thread: Quarter To Three Forums :: View topic - My experiences as a comic/card dealer and read the posts by the user "noun". Very interesting account from the inside.

Also from the MeFi coments, a page dedicated to artists who swiped a pages layout from earlier works: Swipe of the Week Archive

And here is a site dedicate specifically to Rob Liefeld, in spanish: Comparaciones

In My Spam Folder

Tin Titan, wanna look young like Oprah?

Hum, NO!


Great Quote

While talking about a "Game Optimized" router.
Anybody that's ever been to a LAN party knows they are really just cover stories to meet away from significant others and transfer herculean mounds of porn for later use. It's like mid-air refueling for pornhound gamers—it really sucks if you're trying to lase someone out of their mech when palm pilots are saturating the Ethernet.

From Gizmodo


Pictogram Extravaganza

I am fond of weird pictograms. It makes me wonder what kind of a though process comes up with these designs a the best simplification of an image.

In a hotel shower, should read "No Breakdancing Allowed" instead of "Anti-Slip Treatment Applied"

Men's bathroom (for amputees?)

(Amputee) janitor's closet?

The Flash!

Advertizing for skiing passes 4-packs, "On s'met a quatre", basically translates to "Let's have a foursome".

"Your urinal will tell you when you are done" Also notice the "Zero Hands" urinal technique in use...

"Now, let's see what we can find under here..."

Who Is Getting Screwed Here?
The owner of this car:

wants the world to know how he likes to fuck:

but he's the one getting fucked today:

My office is pretty fond of pranks. It helps that my boss is a jokster. Here are some that happened in the last couple of years:

For someone's birthday, just before Christmas.

Old backup tapes that are to be destroyed, but not before baricading someone's office.

For some reason, one of our colleagues had pine cones on all the tables at her wedding. So of course, when she came back from honeymoon, this is what she saw:

What my boss finds in his office when he comes back from a week away hunting:

And of course, the masterpiece, the tin foil wrapped cubicle:

Anthropomorphic Associations
For some reasons, when I see a urinal grate that looks like this:

It makes me think of this movie

Democracy(?) on Exhibit

A State of Florida 2000 voting machine, on Exhibit a my local American Apparel Store. The sign states they bought it on eBay after the election.

Thanks to dante for the heads-up

Sultry VW

Sticker on a 10 year old VW Golf

Only A Little Naughty

Maybe this adult store wanted to attract a tamer clientelle so they opted for "Double X" instead of the "Triple X"...

Picture Flood

Ok bear with me: I had a ton of backlogged pictures I've meant to put up and they will come all in a big bunch. These will be quirks and oddities I have seen around town. So here we go.

This is a great piece of graffiti that was on my bike route to work for the summer. The weird thing is that the rest fo the house if perfectcly normal, even boring, but that garage door, wow!


Clutter Chaos
Just taking a look at the Crazy Mom Gallery makes me want ot clean up my desk, for fear of becomming like that.

If there ever was someone in need of Peter Walsh from Clean Sweep, this is it.


Sound Station
Keeping up with many prolific MP3Blogs can be confusing. The MP3Blogs Aggregator provides an easy rss feed that compiles the feed from more than 50 different MP3Blogs including my two favorite: Scenestars and stereogum

Sound Archeology
Having recently found an old audio tape of my sister and I as children talking and singing about everything, I can relate to sweet thunder - tape findings, a site dedicated to the sounds from found tapings. You can download them in mp3. It's worth a visit just for the Radio Shack pre-recorded answering machine messages, they put George Costanza to shame...