Tim and the Tin Titan


These Days...
The best writting I am reading these days are coming from writers like this:
dooce: Four Twenty
One time while fucked up on two whole successful inhalations, I decided to clean out my refrigerator so that the LAPD wouldn't bust me for storing perishables beyond their sell-by date. While rummaging through pickle jars, tupperware bowls, and lunch meats that had grown ears and small toes, I found a bottle of A1 Steak Sauce with a SKU that read "BC1422."

My immediate thought was, "Holy shit, this thing went bad fourteen hundred and twenty-two years before Christ! How did I end up with it?" I was sure that I had stolen it from the Museum of Natural History when I took a trip to Washington DC in eighth grade during those innocent, sober years.

Take some time to check out the rest of her writting, you will not be disaponted.