Tim and the Tin Titan


If You Liked The Grey Album...
Then please check out The Kleptones Latest, A Night At The Hip-Hopera (Hosted by Waxy.org).

It's a mashup of Queen songs with hip-hop and tons of samples and quotes from all over including Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Flash Gordon and plenty of tv and pop references.

"Break", on which the Beatie Boys provide the vocals is one of the best. "Question" is an anti-copyright call to arms, just take a listen to the quote in the song

All in all is it very good. I always deplored the lack of musicality in hip-hip/rap. Pairing up these tracks with the orchestral arrangements of Queen does great things for this music.

Deninetly worth a download. As for legality, since The Kleptones are not trying to sell their songs or make any money off of them, it's in the clear. If not, there would only be a smoking legal crater where their ass used to be :)

[UPDATE]: Here are two sites that keep tracks of the songs and samples used: Waxy.org and KleptonesSamples WIKI