Tim and the Tin Titan


Montreal Mirror - Music : Kimonophonic Mirror: So I hear you're doing music, finishing your masters and you've got three jobs?
Kimonophonic: Yup. I work at HMV, as a TA at school and, at night, I collate insurance documents. It's basically hell on earth. I just sit in a giant room with all these other crazy people and shuffle through insurance claims of dead people.
M: Awww man.
K: That's where the wildlife helps me.
M: Wildlife?
K: Yeah, I think about them when I'm shuffling.
M: Huh?
K: I think about bears doing stuff like fighting each other and stuff, like, maybe wearing T-shirts.
M: You ever see a bear catch a salmon jumping upstream?
K: Oh man, that's gold! And they like, club them - have you seen when they hit them and they go into a pile?!
M: You mean they catch them and put 'em in a pile?
K: No, man, the fish jumps and they just hit it into a pile. They just bat them like a tennis racquet!
M: Whoa.

Fastest linkrot I ever saw: the original online article is no longer online. Hurray for Googles cache.