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The Games We Play
Scotsman.com has a great article about what goes in the Olympics when the athletes are not competing.
Apparently, there are two kinds of Olympians: the contenders and the tourists. The contenders are all business and don't party (at least, not until their competitions are over). The tourists, on the other had, have no chances of winning medals and are just there for the experience. And what an experience it is!
Between non stop gourmet food and drink, discoteques open around the clock and the perfect bodies of thousands of young men and women with boundless energy, it is like an amusement park for adults.

Intimate encounters between athletes of different countries and disciplines seem extremely common. At the Salt Lake City games, there were roughly 10,000 participants and the organizers handed out 250,000 condoms. That is 25 per person for the 14 day period. If you consider that a couple only needs one condom each time, you can deduce that their is a lot of action in the village. I guess a lot are brought back as souvenirs but still...
And of course, Canada shares the prize of hardest drinking country with Australia (CAN at the winter games , AUS at the summer games).
A very interesting and fun piece, go take a look.