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Intel on Intel
Slate a good article out today The Bellicose Curve - Faulty intelligence has catapulted the United States into war all too many times before. It does a nice job of setting the current war in the a context of previous snap decisions that led to conflict.

A link in the article points to an analysis of the US military budget. It's called Trimming the Fat andoutliness some of the more non-sensical, yet major, spending. These include the Navy's requests to build 1 new nuclear sub (for the modest sum of 2.5 billion each) for the past 3 years when they already have 55 operational nuclear subs. They also make the point that next years military budget will be almost equal to 1968's (height of theVietnamm war) yet Bush's budget does not include the cost of the war in Iraq. That will be covered in a "supplemental".

Two eye openers on the Us military today.