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Safe Source
Bruce Schneier had the same problem as you and me: keeping track of plenty of username/password combinations without using the same ones everywhere.

Being a premier player in the security field, he did something about it and created Password Safe. It's an application that keeps your username/passwords in a database file encrypted with the blowfish algorithm, which Schneier wrote. The program's security has been thoroughly verified by Counterpane Labs under the supervision of Schneier. In other words, you can trust this one. The downloads are here: 1.9.2c is the most recent win32 release for now. If you are not the trusting kind, you can pick apart the source code yourself.

I am just starting to poke around but it seems very simple and intuitive. Create a new "Safe", add an entry (it can create a new random 8 char password for you). To retrieve info, just select the entry and click the "copy password to clipboard" button, paste in desired field. The clipboard is cleared securely when you exit Password Safe. The data is stored in an independant file, so the file can be backedup, copied or used on multiple computers. You can even have multiple "Safe" files to keep your work and private passwords seperate.

I looks like a good solution and I think I'll start using it. Sure beats a post-it under the keyboard...