Tim and the Tin Titan


RSS Recess
I have a sequential site browser on my personal site. I use it to read my daily blogs and other sites. I have long wanted a mechanism that would only display the site if the site has changed since last reading. Being able to determine if the site had changed and by which criteria is that decision made became the first hurdle.

I first stumbled upon blogrolling.com. This allows you to include a section of links on your blog that, on mouse over indicate the last time the blog was updated. That was a positive step but would work only for blogs.

RSS then came into the picture. I don't currently use an RSS aggregator since not all of the site I read regularly have an RSS feed. But I though that I could use the info of the feeds of the site that do have one as the "changed" criteria.

I now have quite a TODO list for the Sequential Site Browser:
- Find out what RSS is
- Find out how XML works with PHP (the PHP module that handles XML is called Expat, by the way)
- Find a suitable PHP RSS parser:
    - MagpieRSS
    - Simple PHP RSS parser from the-emperor.org
- Check out PHP based RSS viewer/aggregators to see how they work:
    - Infinite Penguins RSS Viewer v0.14b
- Understand how to use conditional GET HTTP commands with RSS
- Implement the whole shebang

I will need more time to work on this. I'll keep you updated on how this goes.