Tim and the Tin Titan


Wired News' Furthermore for Januray 15th, 2004 "
Attorney General John Ashcroft has led regular early-morning prayer meetings in his government office, according to the February issue of Vanity Fair. A lawyer who left the Justice Department said employees were reluctant to object for fear of retribution. Ashcroft, son of a Pentecostal preacher, also likened himself to Jesus Christ in his memoir, Lessons From a Father to His Son, referring to his political defeats and victories as 'crucifixions' and 'resurrections.' (Ashcroft famously lost the Missouri senatorial race to a dead man.) More disturbing to DOJ employees was their new boss's move after he joined the office. Ashcroft excised the phrases 'We are proud of the Justice Department' and 'There is no higher calling than public service' from department letters. His staff explained his reason: 'Pride is one of the seven deadly sins.... There is a higher calling than public service, which is a service to God.' "

And this guy is supposed to be in charge of Justice? Better hope you belive in the same god as him or else you're fucked...