Tim and the Tin Titan


I'm sure you were dying to know
I must be behind on my urban folklore cause I had never hear of cum being so good for the skin it gets rid of pimples. Well, CUM VS MOISTURIZER - Vice Settles the Score! From one of my favorite magazines, Vice.
They originated in Montreal but have now moved to New York if i remember correctly. If you can get your hands on a print copy, it's free, otherwise, you can read it on the web. They actually used to be called Voice until the Village Voice newspaper sued them, so they just dropped the "O". Wacky, off-the wall articles and be sure to take a look at the fashion DO's and DONT's every month, the comments are hilarious:
"Look at this little package of walloping femininity. She’s so pure and good and girlie you’d expect bubble gum to come out of her nipples."