Tim and the Tin Titan


Change, for the better
I can say that I am proud of my country's politicians these days. It's not often I will say that but the recent votes and decisions to support gay unions shows that there might be some good in these people after all. First came the defeat (albeit by a very narrow margin) of the Alliance motion to redefine marriage as "the union of a man and a woman" [Washington Post] and now the passing of a bill to extend hate-crimes protection to homosexuals [CBC].

It just makes me feel good to see some social progress here while seeing the reverse happening in many part of the US. I just think that the state has nothing to say what two consenting adult are allowed to do in the privacy of their relationship. Also, if people want to make a commitment to each other, with the rights and responsibilities that go along with it, I don't see why the fact that they are of the same sex or not should matter. Many opponents of gay marriages say that "it will weaken the notion of marriage and the family". I cannot fathom how what other people do can possibly weaken your own union. Will more people embrace the "gay lifestyle" as a result of these decisions? Probably, yes, but they will be people who were already gay but closeted and terrified of the social stigma still attached to being gay. The religious right would rather have these people live in denial and pain all their lives to appease their own righteousness. Homosexuality is not a disease, you do not become gay being around gay people, but it does make it easier to come out if you are in a supportive environment and that's a good thing.

Between this and the legalization of marijuana, we will become the Religious Right's worst enemy; a position that makes me think we are on the right track :)