Tim and the Tin Titan


More uses than Duct Tape?
Looks like I was just scratching the surface of Google special Features. Some are more useful than other. Of these, I particularly like the Calculator. It one does all the stuff you would expect (2+2*5, 2^24 and so on), but it also has a nice built in Measurment Unit Convertion Tool. For example: A search for "100 miles in kilometers" gives "100 miles = 160.9344 kilometers", "half a cup in gallons" gives "half (1 US cup) = 0.03125 US gallons" and "liters in cubic inches" gives "1 liters = 61.0237441 cubic inches" (very useful for converting backpack volume between american makers and the rest of the world). Looks like pretty much any compatible units of mesurment can be input in the "X in Y" format.

How many square furlongs in a hectare? 0.247105381.
How many fathoms in a league? 3 038.05774.
I am happy! :)