Tim and the Tin Titan


Did you mean: Dictionary
Often, mostly while in the process of writting a post, I get stumped as to the correct spelling of a word. Being lazy, I sometime IM friends for confirmations, but I have also started to use Google as my own dictionnary. I'm sure I'm not the first one who has thought of this but it's new to me. I have the Google Toolbar installed, which mean I have a text field into which I can input a misspelled word and most of the time google will suggest the correct spelling.

For example, if you input "appaled" in the toolbar and hit enter, you will get: "Did you mean: appalled". On the other hand, if you enter the correct spelling, you will not get a suggestion. This, of course, must not be foolproof but it has worked for most of my needs. And it's convenient since I don't need to go to another site to input the word, the toolbar is right there. Another nifty use for Google.