Tim and the Tin Titan


The price for the rest of us
While shopping for a digital camera at Ritz Camera and trying ot figure out if it would be more advantageous to purchase it here in Canada or in the United States (a task made diffiult by the combination of exchange rate, shipping and duty), I ran across the Canada Post Borderfree service on their site, labeled as "Canadian Checkout". In their own words:
"You can now purchase products from us in Canadian dollars, with all relevant charges clearly shown prior to completing your order. The price you receive at checkout is guaranteed – no surprises upon delivery in Canada, or unexpected charges on your credit card statement. ".
Having just been slapped with a unexpected 10.63$CAN duty fee on a 25$US item, I can say that I find this a very good idea. Check out the list of partners here. I truly hope this idea takes off and becomes more common. And kudos to Canada Post for getting involved in something that is so forward thinking.